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Welcome to LDS Hymns for guitar. On this site you will find many favorite hymns from the LDS songbook arranged for solo classical style guitar. There are beginning, intermediate, and advanced arrangements. There should be something for every guitar player. The songs are written in classical style, which means for practical purposes play the bottom note or the note with the stem going down with the thumb of the right hand, and play the top notes, or with the stem going up, with the fingers of the right hand. The chords are listed above some of the songs for your convenience. You can sing along with all these arrangements, but the lyrics are not included.

Newest post-O Come All Ye Faithfull.

This site is funded by the honor system. The arrangements are professional, so when you use one, if you feel like it is worth it and you can afford it, please donate at least a dollar to the site. To make this available to everyone, if you can’t afford it, please take the arrangement as a free gift and enjoy it. Thank you.

  • A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief

  • Level-Beginning-Intermediate
    If you can play a G chord, a C chord, and a G7 chord you can play this very pretty but simple arrangement. Form the chords as you play and you will find the melody around them.

  • Abide with Me; ‘Tis Eventide

  • Level-Advanced
    The first half of this song, the first verse, is not very difficult and can be played by any student who is familiar with bar chords. The second half is where it becomes advanced, not that the fingering is to hard, but the skill it takes to make the piece flow like it should. In measure 31 watch the fingering, play the first note with your 4th finger and arch it up so the open string rings clearly. As you approach measure 36 think ahead to use the correct fingering and you will be able to execute this passage smoothly.

  • As I Have Loved You

  • Level-Intermediate to Advanced
    The key to this song is the fingering. In measure 3 I recommend forming the first two notes with fingers 1 and 2 on the left hand. Then I can reach for the next note with my 4th finger and slide it up for the next note. In measure 7 I bar strings 1, 2, and 3 in the fifth fret. In measure 11 I bar the Gmaj7 in the seventh fret, the F7 in the 8th fret, and in bar 12 I bar the E7 in the seventh fret and then form an E7 in first position. In measure 13 bar the first 3 strings in the 5th fret. This song works great as a solo guitar piece. Have fun.

  • Be Still, My Soul

  • Level-Intermediate
    This is a beautiful song that is played in the first position except for the Am chord in measure 18, 26, 42, and 50. Bar strings 1, 2, and 3 at the fifth fret using the 4th finger. This frees your 1st finger to play other notes when needed, like the B on the 5th string, second fret, in measure 18. Play this hymn slowly and with feeling.

  • Come, Come, Ye Saints

  • Level- Advanced
    I start this arrangement relying on chords until measure 17. At measure 17 I use a neat fingerstyle technique where I finger some notes up the neck while playing some notes on open strings. Be sure to watch the fingering in measure 18. At the F chord finger the F on the 1st string with the 4th finger. Now bar the 2cd sting on the tenth fret across strings 2, 3, and 4. Play the note on the 5th string with the 1st finger. Also watch the fingerings in measure 19. This arrangement is fairly easy to play except for measures 17 thru 20. This is a beautiful song.

  • How Great Thou Art

  • Level-Advanced
    The first section of this song should be played rubato, or at your own speed, using the vocal line as your guide. Then after a few measures go a little stricter with the rhythm. It’s best to use the chords whenever possible to help the music flow and sound full. Especially at measure 27 where the jazz chords kick in learn and memorize the chords and that will help the arrangement flow, as opposed to just thinking of fingerings. Play this song with feeling and it might be one of your favorites. I know it’s one of mine.

  • I Am A Child Of God

  • Level-Beginner
    This is an easy song to play for almost any player. The first page is a very easy and simple arrangement. The second page is a fuller arrangement and harder than the first page, but still not to hard. The player can learn this at two levels. Practice the first page until it’s good and then you can work on the second page.

  • I Believe In Christ

  • Level-Advanced
    This is such a beautiful song but it’s a very hard arrangement. This is written in a style that jazz players call a chord melody, where every note is harmonized with a chord.

  • If You Could Hie To Kolob

  • Level-Intermediate
    In many early congregations of many faiths their hymn books would just be lyrics. The song leader would say turn to a page and then have the congregation sing the words over a well known melody, for example, “God Save the Queen.” This song was based on the melody of “Star of the County Down”, a beautiful Irish song. Use the chords listed above the music and it well help you with the technique and to make the tune sound rich and full.

  • O Come All Ye Faithfull

  • This Christmas song is one of my favorites. It’s an easy arrangement played in first position using basic chords, but very pretty. I’ve played it in first position for the demo but I like to capo it on the 3rd fret.

  • O MY Father

  • Level-Intermediate
    O My Father is a beautiful number that is accessible to intermediate players but will sound very professional when well rehearsed. Play this piece rubato, or at your own speed, taking as many liberty’s with the rhythm as the student feels. As always, use the chord shapes to help your fingering and to create a rich, full sound. But use leading fingers to help make the changes easier. For example, when approaching the first C chord that is barred in the 8th fret in measure 13, do not try to form the complete chord on the first note of the measure. Instead, just bar on the 8th fret and play the notes on the first string and the sixth string. This will give you a little more time to form the rest of the chord. This is what I mean by a leading finger. As mentioned before, play this arrangement with feeling, and with your heart.

  • Precious Savior

  • Level-Intermediate
    You can play this piece in two different levels. The first half is the easier section. Use the chords to help you with your fingering. The second half is a little harder. The melody and the chords are the same but instead of picking block chords with your right hand like you do in the first half, you will pick an arpeggio pattern with your right hand.

  • Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel

  • Level-Beginning
    This arrangement is just the melody and and accompaniment bass note. This is an easy arrangement but the melody will keep you on your toes. The melody leaves the first position and you will play notes as high as the 7th fret. For a beginning guitar player this song can be a challenge but will develop your skills and be rewarding when you have it perfected.

  • Secret Prayer

  • Level-Intermediate
    This is a relatively easy arrangement to play but notice how the added open strings in the chords starting at measure 22 give added presence to the piece. When the chorus is played be aware that the bass notes are the bass part sung by the men. Think both parts in your mind and it will help create that effect to the listener. In measure 22 play the note on the 3rd string with the 1st finger. In the next measure keep the 1st finger on that note on the 3rd string while you change chords.

  • Silent Night

  • Level-Intermediate
    Enjoy this arrangement of Silent Night in classical guitar style. Use the chords in each measure to help with your fingering and to help this piece sound smooth.

  • The Spirit of God

  • Level-Beginner
    Another arrangement that is the melody and a bass note but still sounds very nice. Be sure to watch the repeat at measure 9 that takes you back to measure 2.

  • There Is A Green Hill Far Away

  • Level-Beginner to Intermediate
    The first half of the song is arranged for beginning guitar players but when the melody repeats the chords are added in plus a more interesting bass line which makes it a little harder to play but the second half sounds very rich. This is a nice way to perform pieces: establish a simple melody and then when you repeat the melody add thicker harmony to keep the song interesting and pretty.

  • We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet

  • Level-Beginner to Intermediate
    The first page of this song is an easy arrangement. Notice that the bass notes are all played on open strings so the player can focus on the busy melody. On the second page fingered bass notes and inner harmonies are added to make it challenging for the intermediate player and to help it sound big and rich (not like the band).